Tuesday, November 23, 2010

¡Felices Fiestas!

Seasons greetings lovelies.  My Christmas tree is up, in my annual tradition of putting it up way before Thanksgiving.  While it's decked out in gorgeous red and gold, it is definitely missing something.  That something is black ornaments.  They bring a glamorous edge to my trees.  I've made most of my black ornaments in the past (because they're so hard to find), but Olvera Street had just what I needed!

These shiny tin hearts scream passion!

I like the glittered skulls but picked up miniature pinatas instead.  I'd spray all of these skulls gold so they're not so Dia de Muertos.

These little sombreros hang easily as ornaments.  I'm inspired by the glorious wall of dancing hats at Velvet Margarita in Hollywood!

A wall of crosses is perfect for Christmas if you're not up for a manger.  I've always wanted a life-sized manger for my front yard so I could put baby Jesus in his crib as Christmas Eve turns into Christmas.  (Fears of a stolen baby Jesus are why I haven't already.)

Now to finish my Thanksgiving plans...


samantha. said...

I was thinking those decorations would be better for dia de los muertos! i can't picture them on a christmas tree! my mom already put up two out of her four!



I soo love all your ideas! I totally forget that Olvera street is there and not to mention the YUMMY food!


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