Wednesday, October 20, 2010

True Blood Halloween: Garden of Evil...Takes Root

In case you're just coming on board, I'm planting a Sookie-inspired garden for Halloween, perfect for sweet pretty faeries.  As you are lured to my front door, you're suddenly at the entry to Fangtasia, the vampire-owned club with a sexy yet dangerous vibe.
My silvered pumpkins are nestled into their beds with cabbage plants, small ferns and flowers.
The different heights and textures keep things interesting.  Can you believe this was a rock garden just a few months ago?  Upgrade.
This name of this succulent with fuschia edges is Etcheveria.  Robert & I are debating whether the name is Basque or Portuguese.  It could be both?
I've gotten a start on Fangtasia.  This is just the front door.  Wait until you see inside.
If you dare...

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Mari said...

Love this too!!!!!!


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