Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sookie Sookie Now!


After decking out my dining table like the vampire club Fangtasia, I invited in some vamps, shapeshifters and even a monster from out of town.  My guests dined on bloody pecan pumpkin pancakes and spidery deviled eggs.  I served a pair of signature cocktails called the Fanglicious and Jason Stackhouse.  It’s the most fun I’ve had in the past century!

For a complete list of recipes you can check it out here on CBS!


Richard said...

I like the goth/vampire look on you! Beautiful as always! That's it, I am calling my friends at HBO and casting you in next season's True Blood.

Anonymous said...

Magnificienct Suzanne!!! I would definitely support u like ur bro says... U have something there like no other !!!!! Not even joking!!! Good job!! Looks like the hubby supports u 200%... Lisa Lisa mijares... Ur fb friend!!

suzannemarques said...

lisa you are an angel!!! thank you!!!


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