Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rooftop Birthday Bash

Do you dig the getup?  The dress is from Wasteland (worn here too).  The lace is up to there, so I donned black tights, my new Louboutins and the fabric belt is borrowed from another dress.

Ok, so The London is becoming THE place for birthdays.  (Remember mine?)  This fabulous birthday bash featured fortune tellers, photo booths, and I love the signature cocktail representing each birthday girl.
    I didn't drink enough Ninas (virgin margaritas), so I was relieved when the night ended at 25 Degrees.  A group of us were crammed into a booth chowing down burgers.  Sometimes, nothing beats a burger.


    Anonymous said...

    You always look so beautiful, Suz, whether it is 6 AM, 5 PM, or 1 AM! So gorgeous, so drop-dead sexy!

    Richard said...

    Suzi I think the whole world digs anything you wear and any hair style you sport ;)

    Lisa said...

    Is that a Morphine shirt that Robert is sporting? :)


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