Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Winning Style

Clara Bow & Cary Grant aren't just stylish. The original It Girl & my favorite leading man are simply perfection.

Here are my five fabulous winners of the Style Statement book. They are on their way to style star status. Below are samples of their letters.


Geek Seeks Chic Tweak! If anyone needs a style statement, it's the gangly geeky style-chameleon boyfriend of one of LA's hottest upcoming interior designers! I think what prompted it was seeing Patrick's giant allocation of closet space for his fabulous attire compared to my patchwork corner of assorted polos and casual button-downs.


I just had my first child and I'm terrified of becoming "Mom" and losing myself in the process! Identifying my style statement will help me stay focused on staying true to myself, which is an invaluable lesson for my brand new daughter. I can be a fantastic mommy and uniquely fabulous at the same time. :-)


I'm a girl of modest means, from a small Midwestern town. I've always known that I'm a city girl at heart though. I'm now attending my dream school in New York City. All the fashion choices leave me confused though! I've been saving up to have some more pocket money to spend on myself, and I want to make the right choices.


I've never accepted being a curvy chica. I thought I had a handle on my sense of style when I started college, and even after I got married, but then when motherhood rounded the corner, it all kind of went downhill from there! Moms really do lose themselves, in a way, by turning all that previous attention saved for themselves and their spouses outwards to their children, giving 110% every day, 24/7, 365 days a year.


As the mom of a three year old daughter, starting my PhD coursework this fall.Going through some major transitions in my life, I've come to realize that I've put myself second and let myself go somewhat. I've been feeling like I need to figure out who I am again. I realize that truly being myself will set a good example for my daughter as well as being something I deserve.

I just remembered another question Danielle asked me when trying to figure out my style statement. She said, "Imagine Annie Leibovitz is taking your picture. What would the setting look like and what would you wear?"
My answer was not too different from Carrie Bradshaw's gown orgy in the Sex & The City film. That AND Annie Leibowitz? A girl can dream...

A big thanks for everyone's entries! I wish I had a million copies. For those who didn't win, most of you already seemed to be started on the right path!

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Gabriela said...

Those vintage pictures are simply delicious! And I loved reading the style statements! What a shame I didn't have time to submit mine, will you organize some other game like this any other time?


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