Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Style Statement Giveaway!

The image above is one of the most thrilling moments in film for me. A dashing "tall, dark & handsome" entertaining Holly Golightly while her cigarette burns a hole in another guest's hat. What a fab moment!

But even better.... I'm having another giveaway! Yay!
Five books for five fabulous folks who want their own style statement. What is it? Two words that describe you. Words to live by. A daily mantra that celebrates you! (For details, scroll to bottom of post)

If you are an avid Domino reader, you already spied a really cool article about Carrie and Danielle and their "Style Statement" which sounds so fun, like a theme song!

Don't tell me you don't have a theme song?!

Ever since I was 9 years old, Prince's "Baby I'm a Star" has done it for me. I was a dancer (not a great one at that tender age) and idolized three fellow dancers who performed to this song on Star Search. They took classes at my studio - two girls and a boy who performed the most rocking routine to the song. It's so fun, confident and celebratory. I still have some of their 8-counts memorized.
So back to my Style Statement session. I spoke to Danielle - who has the most soothing voice ever. She asked me a number of questions that made me look inside myself to retrieve the most deliciously decadent answers and sometimes I felt exposed and vulnerable. It was exhilirating.

One question that rocked my world was, "What do you love and why do you love it?"

The easiest question was my favorite flower, which is the gardenia. I will never forget visiting Napoleon's Tomb in Paris. There was a tiny church behind the tomb decorated with thousands of gardenias. When I walked into the church I was ntoxicated by the scent and vision of the rows upon rows of lovely flowers. I loved the feeling it gave me & the impression I was left with.

The Style Statement is two words that describe you. The first word is 80% of your life, like your outfit, and the second is 20% of your life, like your accessories. Fashion fans - isn't that fantastic?
Some examples are Cultivated Wonder, Sophisticated Era and Classic Genuine. Don't ask me what they mean, because I only know my own... drumroll please....

Contemporary Pleasure - It fits! Contemporary I get. But pleasure. I've always made the word "comfort" part of my vocabulary. I like to be comfortable while having fun and feeling fabulous. Pleasure suits me better than comfort. Thanks Danielle!

Here are some of my details for your entertainment.

- a strong presence, because they are indeed "present," looks you in the eye
- up-to-date and current with what matters most to them and are typically interested in social and cultural issues
- stay on top of things and make time work for them while looking to the future
- prefer to interact with genuine and authentic people but can tolerate many types of personalities
- can be forceful or critical, especially of themselves and their healthy limitations

descriptive words - (my favorite part because I'm a lover of details...)
abreast, au courant, connected, current, determined, in fashion, informed, in touch, in style, latest, leading edge, linked, modern, new, now, present, present-day, recent, success, synchronous, topical, up-to-date


- pleasure seekers, physical comfort & gratification.
- easygoing, sincerely cheerful, and free from doubt
- can be highly sensitive
- a peacekeeper and nurturer
- always makes time for socializing and celebration
- love to please and accommodate

descriptive words - amusement, bliss, carpe diem, cheerfulness, choice, comfort, contentment, delectation, delicacy, delight, desire, diversion, ecstasy, enjoyment, fancy, felicity, fruition, fun, gladness, gloating, gratification, happiness, hedonism, hobby, inclination, jollity, joy, like, merriment, mirth, preference, recreation, relish, selection, sensuality, treat, voluptuousness, will
Now, let's enjoy the most pleasurable film scene I've ever witnessed. (Ignore Mickey Rooney's embarrassing Japanese caricature. That's the one big thing I'd delete if I could.)

Enter the contest by sending an email to and tell me why you need a style statement! Who doesn't after all???

I'll announce the winners in a week & you'll have to respond with your address so you can receive the book! Good luck


Project Ecoart said...

This looks like fun...but I may have to read all of this in the a.m. whn I have the attention span :)

When did you find the time to write all of this great info?

I dfinitely plan on participating...

WDL said...

wow. i'm kind of speachless. I just JUST made the dr. watch this, and started off by saying "Don't say anything if you hate this. This is my favorite scene in cinematic history..."

and here it is posted on your blog. It appeals to every inch of my psyche!



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