Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Miami Nights: Part One


Anonymous said...

Totally RAD!

The West Coast Knows How To P-A-R-T-Y!

You need to make a coffee table book out of your pictures - I'm sure your guests will be talking about this party for years to come!

please add me to your guest list for the next great bash!

Jack W.

applevenusian said...

I love it!!!

I saw those shutter shades that the guy in the gray suit was wearing at 7-11 today. hee hee!

Pete said...

I want your life!

Project Ecoart said...

You are killing me with the flashbacks of my youth!!!!

BTW - you are way to good at re-living the 80's - you've got it down girl!

coco+kelley said...

oh, BOOOOO! i SO missed out on this one :( i was really seriously bummed i couldn't make it after all that! i'm going to have to find an excuse to wear my snake print gold lame' dress now...


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