Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trinity Tombstones

This graveyard is at Trinity Church in Manhattan. It was founded in 1697 by King William III of England. I was in awe because in California, the only place you'll see anything roughly resembling this is at Disneyland.

Halloween was just about my favorite holiday growing up. I've always been intrigued by dark, creepy things. One of my favorite books as a girl was a biography on Jack the Ripper (with photos!) I also read everything I could by Stephen King.

I can just imagine my parents. "At least she's reading."

Back to Halloween. Our home had a long, tunnel-like entry thick with plants, a lone lantern and lots of corners. My brother and I tricked it out with spiderwebs, fake bats, fake blood and body parts on the floor, a flickering lightbulb, fog machine, spooky music and tombstones, naturally.

Our best guests were trick or treating toddlers. They'd be all smiles and then stop abruptly at the mouth of the entry. First they'd look up at their parents in confusion, then back to the front door where they knew treats were waiting for them. The crying would begin and our decorating efforts were officially a success.

For the kids brave enough to walk to the front door, we let them relax long enough to receive their candy and then jump from the bushes to chase them away. Ahh. Memories.

So when I found this graveyard I got a bit emotional because I was in New York to see my brother. He had a bit of a health scare and pulled through like a champ.

I'm not so dramatic that I was thinking my brother could be here pushing up daisies. I just thought, hey, I have some great memories with my brother. Damned doctors better not screw up again. Isn't reality always more frightening than fantasy?

Anyway, back to the the church. Isn't it breathtaking?

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Project Ecoart said...

Great pics...You look like you might have a sinister side to you :)

Hope your bro is doing well. That is a hard thing to go through.

Hugs, kisses & prayers from Malibu!


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