Monday, May 26, 2008

Feast At Figaro

Figaro in Silver Lake is a bit of Balthazar in LA. I really should say Paris, but this gal really digs America's take on international cuisine. Sorry purists! I do adore Paris btw.

Here's the outside of Figaro at 1802 N Vermont Ave in Los Feliz. Then a view from inside. Don't you adore fresh baguettes? It's one thing Americans haven't truly mastered. The French do baguettes best.

My plentiful plate of chicken, mushroom sauce and fries. Oh yeah, this American asked for extra ketchup. No apologies. The sauce looks thicker here than in person. It was light and tasty. Robert ordered the Mediterranean Panini and loved it. The wide shot at right was the view from my seat. When the weather is warmer, I'm heading to the outdoor tables.

Here's the view from my seat again. Great bar. When you enter the restaurant, you pass the bakery with delectable goodies... Yum.

Robert had a fashion moment with me when we left. A full belly makes me happy. I'm wearing thrift store shirt, Forever 21 "pearls", vintage purse, True Religion jeans, Urban Outfitter belt and Dolce Vita shoes.

We stopped by La Luz De Jesus afterward. I want to snap up both pieces by artist Magda Trzaksi, who reminds me of Tim Burton & Edward Gorey.

If you look at more of her work, I kept thinking Beetle Juice and Nightmare Before Christmas.


Tammy said...

Gorgeous pictures! I haven't been to this part of LA yet, but I'll definitely visit now.

Btw, I found your blog by accident while Googling, but I'll definitely come back!

Tammy said...

Ooops, I forgot to add: I have found that some of the best baguettes are from Vietnamese bakeries (due to colonialism, perhaps); these are just like the ones you would eat in Paris.

Have a great week!

Richard said...

Digging the look! The food looks pretty good too. I love french fries, but I seldom eat them.

suzannemarques said...

tammy, yay! so glad you found my page. i'm definitely going to check out vietnamese bakeries... who knew? i didn't

richard - i rarely eat them either, but they are SO tasty, i can't resist once in a while

WDL said...

I have 6 orginal gorey's in my sitting room!


applevenusian said...

Oh, the vintage purse makes an appearance! I love it (and Paris, too!).

Fifi Flowers said...

I can see from your blog... I need to get out more! Thanks for info... those pomme frites look tres yummmy!

Fifi Flowers said...
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