Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Walk On Washington

I'm not organizing a protest on our Capitol. There's a fabulous artsy weekend ahead in Culver City's Art District. The works above are by Melissa Forman, who is featured at a show opening this Friday at my fave gallery in CC.

Corey Helford Gallery
Friday 7-10pm
Featuring Sarah Folkman, Jason Shawn Alexander, Karen Hsiao, Melissa Forman.
8522 Washington Blvd.

Can't come Friday? Maybe Saturday.

ARTWALK Culver City
noon - 8pm
Saturday, May 31
Washington Blvd. starting at La Cienega (right off the 10 fwy)
It's a free self-guided tour of more than forty galleries, with live jazz & restaurant promotions.
310.253.5716 for more info


coco+kelley said...

i'm going, i'm going!!! i've heard it's SUCH a fun scene - and it's right in my hood :)

Ashley L. said...

those are too cool! i especially like the first one with the girl holding the birds and the little lamb. beautiful! :)

suzannemarques said...

yay coco+kelley! maybe i'll see you there? i'll txt ya! :)

ashley, that one is my favorite too! though i like the guy one too... i have so many women on my walls, i need some balance :)

applevenusian said...

I agree with both of you ladies - the first one is so beautiful!

I've always dreamed of having a portrait in my house, maybe a Gainsborough or Reynolds. I don't know where my fascination with portraiture comes from. The National Portrait Gallery in London is one of my favorite museums in the UK.

Fifi Flowers said...

That sounds like a great event... why are there so many events I can't get to... ugh!
I don't know if you know about this event on Sunday night... check it out...
or the main event a week from Sunday...

Fifi Flowers said...
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