Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Caught On Tape!

Click on the image to watch my dish via video on the Ed Hardy website.

I don't often post my stories, but this was so much fun! Wish all my blogging buds were there...

By the way, this is us when Snoop Dogg hit the stage. We knew all the words. It was quite the moment.

That's a bottle of water btw.


Anonymous said...


You are one Sexy Girl - Blue looks fab on you!



India said...

You look amazing and you sound amazing! I have so much respect for you--when I'm doing these promo blogs for my book I feel as if I'm all teeth and making no sense,and giving quite the "surprised" looks when I take a look at the TIVO...ack! You have a gift!

suzannemarques said...

india - thank you! it just takes lots of practice. sometimes my eyes bug when i'm working and i have to remind myself to relax them... hey, i said, "me & my girlfriends" instead of my girlfriends & I... nobody's perfect.

there's a reason public speaking is a big fear for people. and you've done live tv, with no editing or script. hats off to you for going for it!

applevenusian said...

I agree with Rob - that shade of blue is lovely on you!

'Fess up girl, I know you had gin & juice in that bottle.

suzannemarques said...

haha applev!

laid back, with my mind on my money & my money on my mind.... :)

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Fire ,water?

suzannemarques said...

LBT - haha.
And "how!"


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