Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sex In Hollywood

My girlfriends and I are heading to the Arclight next weekend for the Sex & The City film. We will start with lunch & cocktails and we will be dressing the part.

Does this trigger images of Star Wars conventions & premieres with Storm Troopers, wookies & Princess Leias? It does in my mind. But just look at this group of gals. They are working it.

They're so cute. So, which character to be...? I love Carrie, but since I'm a brunette, Charlotte will be a heck of a lot easier to pull off.

The vintage dress below is kind of like Charlotte if you ignore the accessories, no? It's too small though. My hunt continues...

This dress is currently for sale on ebay through Nasty Gal Vintage. Someone else should snap it up!


coco+kelley said...

yeaaah! i can't wait! my bf is coming into town from seattle and we're going on sunday to the arclight too. we'll start with cosmos, hit the movie, and head to a fab dinner after. perhaps we'll have to dress up too!

applevenusian said...

yes, embrace thy inner prep, azzy! :) I can't wait to see SATC.

Hope you are having a nice long weekend! Toodles.


suzannemarques said...

coco+kelley - maybe we'll see you there! we're going to an early afternoon showing.. that would be FAB

horry - i am coming to love my inner prep! shhhhh! don't tell anyone. i fear losing my edge.. ha


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