Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Simple/Sweet Summer Salad

This is a light, refreshing summer salad that's a bit sweet, tangy & simple to make. It's inspired by a salad I order every time I visit Quattro Caffe in South Coast Plaza (next to Armani).

This is my take.

Ingredients for one.

Two handful of fresh baby spinach - buy it in the bag, much faster
5 fresh strawberries
small can of corn, drained - yes, I serve it straight from the can!
1 grilled chicken breast

For salad dressing, I have a sweet tooth, so I use Marie's fat-free raspberry vinegarette, but a dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar work great too

Grill a chicken breast, preferably on the BBQ! In a bowl lightly toss the spinach with the salad dressing until it's evenly coated. Plate it. Slice strawberries and 2 tbs of corn on top, sprinkle pepper and top with the warm sliced grilled chicken. Voila!

Even easier and just as tasty without the chicken!

Quattro images from www.yelp.com

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