Monday, March 22, 2010

Windows to Paradise

Las Ventanas al Paraiso means windows to paradise. Boy does the hotel live up to its name.

The infinity pool overlooks the Sea of Cortez in Cabo
Poolside necessities. Margarita +water + face mist Other poolside treats... advance copies of books & ice cream cones in the afternoon
Telescopes for stargazing at night & whale watching during the day - they visited often!Beachcombers & cowboysMy mom's first time in a hammock!Tossing toast to the birds led to a feeding frenzyBirds are everywhere, but everything is pristineThe massive bath, incense, bath salts & oil created heavenNo clubs here!This was the most action I saw. Sports & eating. Yeah!It's quiet & serene. I love the attention to detailAnd the food...Mouthwatering fish tacosShrimp ceviche & crispy chicken flautasA wrought-iron chandelier of metal starbursts inside The RestaurantThe Sea Grill on the sand serves a mean hamburgerGlass hearts hang from trees all over the property. A parting gift on the way back home!

A link to the hotel's website

Here's their facebook page!



I was in Cabo last year but for job issues. Definately, i am glad that you took your mother to have a great time with you...

Best Regards Suze and Keep in Contact!

Daniel Furlong
DanielJohnAsher [DJ]


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.... So relaxing! Love love love your hat! Where'd you get it!!?!

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your photos! :) ~ Lisa in Orange County

adam said...

Missed ya much from my morning news fix so i decided to "bing" you and found your web site.. I must say it looks like your having a much needed vacation! And at a very beautiful place! You make it more beautiful I'm sure :)
Well, I look forward to seeing your pretty smile back in LA so, have a safe trip back k..

Anonymous said...

OMGosh Suzanne! i need to get away and so wanna do Cabo like you. i'll be checking them out later. them tacos, flautas and ceviche oh my. and how cool is that about the glass hearts, that is sweet. las ventanas look divine. glad you got a taste of it.

happy days to ya


suzannemarques said...

thanks you guys! highly recommend and for my favorite tidbit.. got the hat at forever 21! super super cheap!

Katrina Lynn said...

Isn't this place AH-mazing?! I think Zak and I sat at the exact same table in the Sea Grill when we were there last fall. One of my favorite things was late night cocktails under the iron star field, so romantic! I know you had a great time, it's paradise!! ;)

freeway-J said...

I'm planning a trip for my 10 year anniversary, this place is going on the list. Thanks!

Jon Bon said...

In that picture of you with the great hat, you look like one of the beauties in David Lee Roth's "California Girls" video from years ago...remember when they're all standing there frozen at the end??


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