Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Little Treat Before I Go

Is there anything right with this video?

1. the lead singer is wearing jeggings

2. the other guy's sporting a puffy fauxhawk

3. girls chasing them like the beatles... as if!

4. the pinatas



James said...

I think the lead singer looks like Marky Mark and the Poorly Dressed Bunch. But, boy, can that band run.

Lucinda said...

I would like to personally punch in the face the person who started the "men wearing skinny jeans past 1986" hot mess of a fad. If anyone knows who is responsible for this fashion travesty, please get in touch with me.

tony said...

i cant defend the pants. but Fun is a great band, just as great as their last incarnation The Format - great great tunes and that singer can belt em out


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