Friday, March 05, 2010

Off with His Head

Hollywood Blvd. Friday before the Academy Awards.
Yes, it is immensely satisfying biting off Oscar's chocolate & golden head.It was darn cold. Coffee warmed my heart and handsDark chocolate Oscars with 24 karat gold dustSmoked salmon Oscars with caviar & cream cheese on crackers.Wolfgang Puck's creations of course!New on the menu for the Governor's Ball - Baked Alaska filled with chocolate sorbet, topped with expresso glace and toasted meringue. DecadentPizza & tuna tartare. Can't you imagine popping these little cones like popcorn?Kobe cheeseburgers are one of the happiest foods. Click here for his recipe!Happy Oscar viewing!


mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

I hope it was quite yummy

Lisa said...

how fun! thanks for the sneak peek!

Richard said...

Finally, a picture of Suzi. I miss you girl!

Anonymous said...

I don't eat "people" or "oscar" shaped food, as a general, if it's shaped like the Easter Bunny, all bets are off!!!!


BlackPlague said...

Most Righteous!!


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