Wednesday, December 30, 2009

That's How the Cookie Crumbles

Giving is usually more fun than receiving (when you're an adult. Forget it as a kid.) Generosity is especially fun with a festive cocktail as you bake.I love how my snowmen turned out.

I was really in the baking mood before Christmas, so I did a cookie giveaway through my twitter account.
I overnighted boxes of cookies to the winners and one of them gave me the most amazing gift in return - photos of the guys eating them up. Our channel playing over your shoulder. Nice touch.
Here's the winner - firefighter Chad Panke below!

He's holding the box with my silly scribbles - an attempt at making brown paper more festive. The guys look fun! Aren't most firefighters?!

Love the play by play of opening the box!

Nice action shot guys. So glad you enjoyed them & happy new year to everyone!


Louis C. said...

The cookies were delicious. All of us at Fillmore Fire appreciated your generosity and definitely enjoyed them! Oh, and thanks to Chad for winning the cookies!

Lizet said...

I think there has to be a law that Fire Fighters & EMTs have to be cute.

I have yet to see an un-attractive one.

Same goes for Marines!

suzannemarques said...

Lizet I agree. A bunch of hotties! Gentlemen too!!! thanks Louie :)

Kaitlynn said...

Those are some cute firefighters!! and those cookies look delicious as well ;)

Kaitlynn said...

Those are some cute firefighters!! the cookies look just as delicious ;)

el viajero impresionista said...

Those cookies look great. I hope you´ve had a Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

I need a Riddle ASAP! i know this sounds extreamly werid but i need a riddle. Dont ask why just give me something!! thanks!

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Lisa said...

Um... are any of them single? *blush*

Anonymous said...

aww, i cant believe i missed out on this opportunity. lil snowman cookies look yummy. so happy and glad for the lucky firemen who won them. next to our troops, im just so proud of our firemen. anywhoot, love ya suzanne, nice to see more of you in the mornings. take care.

ps: will you be doing the same giveaway this year? if so, can i sign up now? lol



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