Tuesday, January 05, 2010

What's the Weather?

What are you doing Wednesday & Thursday morning? If you're not a Southlander, 7-10am PST click here and watch me live on Good Day LA! It's going to be fun talking about our weather in the 70's.

I do feel for everyone in most parts of the US. I used to work in Atlanta and it's seeing lows in the teens. I've been out there trudging through the ice and sleet. Brrr.

Or just follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/suzmarques and I'll tell you if there will be rain in the forecast...


Lucinda said...

I caught you this morning! Cute dress too. Happy New Year!

suzannemarques said...

thank you lucinda!! happy new year to you too!!

Anonymous said...

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John Paul said...

Suzanne - Great job, as usual! I won't say anything negative about the person you're filling in for, but you should really have that gig full-time.

Richard said...

Sweetheart, you look beautiful as always, but I laughed when I saw the temperatures. The high in the last two weeks in my neck of the woods has barely reached 32 degrees, and with wind chill it feels like the teens.

Slick Rick said...

Suzanne's the best dressed gal in the mornings!!

Jim Thompson-Ventura CA said...

Suzanne - You did great. It was very enjoyable to see you doing this gig, even though it was temp :( Please tell me you will insure those fantastic legs like Betty Grable and Mary Hart did for theirs ;)
Have fun this year
Jim in Ventura


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