Monday, December 07, 2009

Looklet Lust

Do you like the look I built above? I created it at and it's helping me practice my mix & match skills - essential for making the most of one's wardrobe.

You begin with a model in her underwear and build her look just like you would a paper doll. I like to choosing her face first, because I can see how the clothing would work with my skin tone. My olive skin does not do well with earth tones.

Check out the looks below that were created by expert users of the site:

I built these... not loving the first look. See how she looks a bit washed out...

This look below is a bit conservative, but I would wear it and I'm dying for the tights with spots!


pchandran said...

So Fantastic !! Really u like most beautiful in the designing dresses .thanks for your advice about moddelling preparation...........

Club magic

The Cherry Blog said...

wow - i had never heard of this - how fun! thanks for posting it, love your spotty tights look too. x

Harmony Loves said...

I love it! What a great idea, thanks for sharing!


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