Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cooking with Julie & Julia

Watching the film Julie & Julia inspired me to make Chicken Cacciatore. I know it's not French, but it's easy. My mother has the best recipe, but I couldn't find hers, so I googled & found Giada's.

It's a relaxing and aromatic recipe, so it's fun to make. I chopped the bell pepper & onion while letting the chicken brown.

It's cooked in a little olive oil after dredging the breasts in salt, pepper & flour.

While the ingredients simmered, I snapped a few extra pics.Below is one of my favorite Christmas presents. It's an interesting looking but brilliant contraption. You simply place it over a wine bottle and push down the silver button until it stops. It pulls out the cork. Push up the button and the cork lands in your hand.

The finished product. I drowned the chicken in the sauce & fresh basil. I promise it's under there and it was delicious!

Great article on the film here.

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Anonymous said...

looks delish. buon appetite!



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