Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Nature of Reality

When I was checking out the David Lynch show this past weekend, I peeked into the David DeSanctis Gallery and spied Pontus Willfors' exhibition. It features salvaged wood from the Simi Valley Fire of 2003. California wildfires? I've covered a few. I coudn't resist a closer look...

Willfors assembled this life-sized tree using limbs and trunks held together with chains and turbuckles. Willfors removed the burned exterior to show the fresh wood beneath. I hear the tree may go on permanent display at LAMCA.

The branch below threw me off at first because I wondered whether he had formed two branches to create a shadow.

Using one branch, he delicately stripping it and reassembled the bark with pins holding it together. It created a snakelike efffect, like like the branch molted. Yuck but way cool!

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