Sunday, June 07, 2009

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

This weekend, I helped my niece Sadie prepare for her dance recital. I pulled her waist-long hair into a ponytail atop her head, tied it into a bun and finished the ends in curls.

I stayed with her backstage as she waited to perform.

Sadie is in the middle with the puff of curls and violet rose pinned in her hair.
I love when the lights go down between performances and dancers chaotically take their places.

The little ones watching the older girls from stage left.

In the dressing rooms, a layer of hairspray hangs in the air, nervous giggles rise and fall and little girls awkwardly apply makeup.

She feels so pretty, this shot melts my heart.

Practice is a must.Adjusting a violet rose on her costume..

My little princess!


Anonymous said...

Suzanne, your photos are absolutely stunning!


your have great talent!!!

Alya said...

she is adoooorable!


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