Thursday, June 04, 2009

Maui Memories

I was looking over my photo disc & discovered these photos from the first day of my vacation. Was this really less than two weeks ago?

The is the first shot taken of me in Maui. I could just feel the stress melting off me. Robert too.

Our first stop was Kimo's in Lahaina. Not a recommendation. Fresh seared tuna? Tasted frozen. Maybe it was a bad day.
2nd stop. Private beach at the hotel.
Wearing the necklace placed around our necks at check-in.

This sweet little cardinal was the first visitor to our room.
Walking from the hotel to the beach. The view was breathtaking.

Robert in the hammock. I really wanted to show the money shot captured when he was wrangling with it, but I feel bad.
The view from our room at sunset.


I couldn't resist.

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