Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My House Is Famous

Darn, I always wanted to grace a magazine cover. This is the next best thing... mi casa! This is the cover of the premiere issue of Angeleno Interiors. I'm the centerfold. Just kidding. Kinda wish I wasn't...
Back to the star. She looks pretty thanks to designers Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield. Thanks guys! View more of their outstanding work here.
Once I get my paws on an issue I'll post more photos. It just came out & I found this online. I'm so excited!


Empiric Studio said...

I'm hunkering down for the night with my new Angeleno Interiors and what to my wondering eyes should appear... your house! My chairs! The whole place looks beautiful. Congrads!

applevenusian said...

Congratulations! What an honor! If I go buy a copy, will you autograph it for me?! Seriously! And I want that green chair.

Down Comforter said...


coco+kelley said...

omg, girl!!! well, i mean, we all know it's FAB, but to have it published is something you can keep forever! congrats to you (and W&R!)

Anonymous said...

congrats on article....havent seen issue yet.

considering your interests in art, architecture and design thought i'd share a blog i stumbled upon that you might enjoy;


ps. i'm still looking to find an original saarinen table like yours. the marble has changed with the newer examples, so trying to find an old-school one and restore. btw, if you even need furniture restoration you should reach out to Alfie at Hume Modern (venice beach)...he restored my eames arm shell rocker perfectly.




ps amy winehouse costume was funny as hell


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