Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Halloween Costume

My inspiration.

First of all, this is my favorite song by Amy Winehouse. I love her insane voice. That's all I'll be saying about insanity. :)

I was going to be Amy last year, but I ended up buying a cop costume at the last minute and wrote tickets as the fashion police. Check out the video here!! (Was it really a year ago?!)

I thought I'd be kind of a classy Amy. I bought a dress today and lots of fake tattoos and have my big bouffant, but then I came across these photos... I'm tempted, oh so tempted to do the tank top and jean shorts. Ain't no mountain high enough...


applevenusian said...

Oh my god, that is hilarious! You would be eerily perfect to play Ms. Winehouse.

Brisa said...

its hilarious..! Your Halloween costumes are very funky. Both are looking funny.

kay* said...

that is my top 2 fave amy song too! loves it.


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