Monday, October 13, 2008

Blame It On The Rain

I have ash coming out of my ears. I'm covering the SoCal wildfires and they are terrible. I thought rain was the most exhausting type of story to cover and then I stumbled across these photos.

When I cover rain stories, I usually gripe and grumble about having to put on my rain gear. Once it's all on, I'm suddenly splashing around in puddles. It brings out the kid in all of us - especially - ahem - a few talented and sweet photographers named Vic and Eddie.

But as for fires, it always seems to be grueling. Here's to another day hoping no one else loses their home. That is the heartbreaking part. I can't imagine the pain and fear some families are experiencing right now.

I must add, the photos above weren't taken during a serious storm. Trust me. I live in a mudslide-prone canyon. Water can be just as treacherous. Eek.


Ashley L. said...

what a horrible situation! i hope that you are safe. thank you for reporting the news even when it gets risky! :)

Project Ecoart said...

I missed visiting your blog while I have been busy at the store...

I also have been as glued to the television re: fires - as I could be. Last year was frightening in Malibu.

We could smell these fires
( Porter Ranch ) all the way over here - I even had ash on my car at Zuma Beach!

Laguna Beach Trad said...

I think the Southern California sky looks particularly beautiful during rain storms.

Anonymous said...

i like to wear itchy cardigan sweaters when it's raining.


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