Friday, October 02, 2009

My $3,000 Shoes

When I first saw Madonna in these Louis Vuitton ads, her shoes screamed at me!

The shoe below promised to give me satisfaction in exchange for $3,000.

So I gave up. This was March. In September, I was drawn into Steve Madden when I spied a sale wheel.
Spin the wheel, get between 10-90% off.
I spied a pair of shoes priced around $100 that kinda resembled the shoes above, spun the wheel & scored 20% off.
I sauntered out with a guilt-free pair of kicks that to wear to work & yes, they are already banged up.

The incredibly talented (and yes folks, he is that nice in person!) Nick Verreos. We did a fashion segment for GDLA the other day & I stole this pic from his beautiful website.


Anonymous said...

hi suzanne ^-^:

Louis Vuitton shoes are screamin' for sure, but i think i like yours better. less going on. great buy.


Victoria said...

ohh, I love them.

Alya said...

Oh I know how you feel about those shoes! I was willing to go broke and spend hundreds on them. But thousands?? No way. Not happening! Well unless I win the lotto or something.

Alya said...

By the way, I've got a stunning Tolani scarf to give away at my blog. Come check it out :)

Anonymous said...

suzanne, I have a question. What is your ethnicity? I always wondered. I figure you are Latina, but from which latin american country?

suzannemarques said...

Portuguese & Mexican!

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Ms.Marques! for comeing out to Cerritos College, Career Fair Day this past on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 Please come back real soon. and thank you for allowing me to take a picture of you in front of your news Van.
I hope the bosses at Fox 11 will let you host the ''Real Time Traffic show'' on the Internet( sometime in the Future thanks, Anthony, A student fron Cerritos College


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