Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lies Lies Lies Yeah!

Isn't Tim Roth the hotness? I'm on the 2nd season premiere of Lie To Me Monday night at 9pm!
Here's a look behind the scenes as I prepared for my cameo. Since I had a few lines, I scored my own trailer! The best part? Seeing my name on the door. What a thrill.

When I stepped inside my precious little space I looked down and saw an itty bitty area rug. Love!

To my right, a little bench to stretch out and practice my lines. Or in my case, a place to lay out all of my beauty goodies and practice while I primp!

To the left of the bench - a rocking soundsystem. Unfortunately, I didn't bring any of my tapes so I turned up the radio. I toats could've brought my blue Paul's Boutique tape.

My little bathroom reminds me of the RVs of my youth but since this was my trailer.... j'adore.

Goofing off after they did my hair.

I was just too darn nervous to take pics during the shoot. I was the first shot of the day and shaking in my heels. The producer was an angel and encouraged me through my nervousness.

We'll see how I did Monday night at 9pm!

BTW... we borrowed Tim Roth's personal golf cart from his penthouse-sized trailer to get me on-set & a few people had a hissy, but I like to think he's too tough to care about lil ol' me borrowing it, don't ya think?


Kate said...

Thanks for sharing. Golf cart bit cracked me up. :D

Freeway-J said...

I knew you were already "Big Time", but now you are "Prime Time"! Congrats!

- Jason

suzannemarques said...

Thank you Kate & Jason!

Richard said...

I always knew you would get into acting. You were great!

Lucinda said...

Don't forget all us little bloggers when you're a big star!

Alya said...

Oooh how fun! Post a video of the clip if you ever get a chance!

CHAVO said...

I just watched your performance on "Lie to Me".

Good thing I didn't sneeze or go to the bathroom or else I would have missed it!

But you were fab as always!



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