Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Treats

Mom& I dropped into D&G the other day in search of a party dress for my birthday! How adorable are these dresses?

The black & white are so classic & fresh.And the shoes! I am dying for the bows on the left, but the sexy patent leather boots go with so much more.

I settled on the boots & this dress. It hadn't even hit the floor - thus making it more irresistible - and how can one resist a delicious black & white frock with a picture of another dress printed on it?!
Since one cannot live on splurges alone, I also scored this adorable little bag at Target for $1. I believe it's a pencil case but it fits my makeup brushes perfectly.


Ricardo Bueno said...

Hope you had a great birthday (well duh! of course you did)... I think you chose fabulously!

Great meeting you #IRL at LATwestival by the way...

Arianna Belle said...

The dress looks great! I wanting those shoes with the lace bows!

Katrina Lynn said...

OMG. I have the same little target bag! lol. My bday is coming up soon too! Didn't know we shared the same bday month... in fact, having a party this fri. I'll send you the invite. Long time no see!

Victoria said...

I got the black one! It`s perfect!


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