Thursday, August 27, 2009

Napabu. Say What?

That's what Tony Griffin & his friends call the part of Malibu that resembles Napa Valley. Napabu. I took this photo from his patio, looking out at one of his vineyards. Ah, the life.

Tony is the son of tv legend Merv Griffin. He welcomed us into his home to promote the Malibu Wine Classic happening this Saturday 1:30-4. You can buy tickets here.

Tony schooled me on wine and introduced me to this:

Never heard of it? I hadn't either. Screaming Eagle is ridiculously difficult to get your hands on, with a years-long waiting list. Members are restricted to three bottles a year, which cost $750 each. If you miraculously find Screaming Eagle sold at a restaurant, it costs around $2,000 a bottle.

Click here for Screaming Eagle Winery & Vineyards. You won't find much information. The winery is located in Oakville, CA but it's not open to the public. I love that.

Let's move to something that's more my speed and a bit more accessible. Vueve Clicquot's version of the Ice Cube. How adorable!

Now from oohs and ahhs to oh no.

A Jagermeister cooler. Possibly on the Christmas wish list of every fraternity across the nation. I do like the idea of the chilled bottle connected directly to the spout. Nifty! I can see other alcohol companies catching on.

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Jack Daniel said...

Screaming eagle? What a name for a wine.
And...there's actually a waiting list for that bottle? Woah! Did you took a sip of it? If yes: who are you?? :P

Best wishes,


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