Monday, August 17, 2009

The Americans

Of Robert Frank's photographs, Jack Kerouac wrote: "after seeing these pictures you end up finally not knowing any more whether a jukebox is sadder than a coffin”.

While Norman Rockwell paintings make one long for the good old days or a root beer float in a soda parlor, Frank redefined American icons. Take this coffee shop waitress with her empty stare as Santa Claus smiles above her head. The ads seem to shout while her lips are pursed.

How about this cowboy in the big city?

If you are in NYC between 9/22/09 and 1/3/10...

The Met is honoring the Swiss photographer by hosting “Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans. The museum will showcase the photographic fruits of his cross-country journey from 1954-1955, that resulted in his book The Americans.

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