Sunday, August 02, 2009

Back 2 Life, Back 2 Reality

Nobody - okay, except maybe Madonna - looked cool in the 90's. Not even the Sex & the City gals.

90210. Brian Austin Green. Oh boy those brown pants and that shirt. Brenda was my idol. Dylan was my crush. Like James Dean. He didn't really wear that shirt. Did he?

I totally owned a pair of Z. Cavariccis. It was all about the pleats. You could really work out the the running man and the roger rabbit in those bad boys.

Cross Colours. The slogan: Clothing without prejudice. What's up with the guy's tiny feet in the middle? Just sayin. Check out the peace necklaces.
EMF. WTF. Unbelievable.
Our version of the Farrah Fawcett poster? Zack & Slater baby.
Don't forget Kelly Kapowski.

High school dances took it to the next level. Beaded dresses, old lady hairdos, wrist corsages, long fake nails. Shoes dyed to match the dress....

We're just getting started folks.


Rick said...

What a fun generation that was. :)

Richard said...

The 90s were not great fashion years, but for chaps like me......I look just the same decade after decade. That is the benefit of traditional wear. It is timeless. Great post!

Fifi Flowers said...

EVERY era has some BAD fashions! LOL

pupape said...

An Oak Tree in every mall...Love the pics, Kelly Kapowski...great name!


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