Monday, November 10, 2008

I Sense A Book Giveaway...

Wondering what's up with the grass couch? It's one of the creative ideas in Eduardo Xol's new book called Extreme Entertaining Made Simple. Fitting, since he's on Extreme Home Makeover. I interviewed him in Atlanta a few years ago. Muy caliente.

There are five books to give away, so send me a good reason why you need a how-to book on entertaining. Feel free to whine about botched parties or confess to complete ignorance on the subject. I will post the winner's responses and send the book your merry way.
Send entries to Deadline is this Friday.

In the book, he talks about entertaining all of the senses. He includes intuition, my favorite sense of all. Anticipation might be likened to it. Looking ahead. One of the essentials for being a fab host.

He has the parties planned for you with ideas for invitations, menus, setting the table, mood and gifts. If the photos seem daunting, he shows you every step. There's even a cd with the book with music for each party.

Classic dinner party - He has recipes like easy tuna tartare and warm pear crumble a la mode. Check out the tall centerpieces. He says most people avoid them because they want their guests to see each other, but he says this centerpiece is part of the entertainment and it encourages you to talk to the guests sitting to your left and right. Love the throwback feel of that concept!

Margarita party - My mom and I mix margaritas the night before Thanksgiving and Christmas, so to me, margaritas are perfect for every occasion because they are festive but relaxed and social with with the loud blender, tequila and salt. It just begs for dancing and music in our house. Recipes Eduardo features are fresh mango ceviche tostadas with avocado salsa and chicken wings with chipotle and chocolate as appetizers... My mouth is watering as I type.

White party - Perfect for elegant occasions. He keep the decor cool and the food spicy with Indian influences. I love the contrast.
There's much more. By the way, the grass couch goes with the spa party idea.
This makes me want to throw another bash. Yes, it's only been two months.... but the holidays are coming. I'm considering Bollywood...

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applevenusian said...

mmmm... margarita party!

I found a cool party idea from a not-so-cool source - my weekly coupon mailer from Ralph's. It had a suggestion for a Thanksgiving party in which you have a casual buffet style, with all kinds of apps and fixings laid out, and people can come and go as they please. I totally want to do that!

Oh, and I love the Bollywood-theme idea too. Turner Classic Movies had a Bollywood weekend one year and I was enthralled with the music, the colors, the beautiful people...


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