Thursday, September 18, 2008

Deja Va Va Voom

Check out my last post. Recognize a familiar pattern on my tabletop?

Here I am chilling with Simba and a guest dog. I like my big dogs ceramic because they don't bark or mess up the furniture. I also don't have to walk them or clean up after them.

Thankfully, Simba has charm.

We had a very exciting photo shoot yesterday. Can't wait to unveil the surprise!


Project Ecoart said...

very fab photos! You have fantastic taste and are beautiful to boot!
See you in the a.m.
Cherrs from the Bu!

Anonymous said...

is the the saarinen table? my wife and i are trying to find a 42" marble top just like that.

suzannemarques said...

It is! I bought it at Design Within Reach... A misleading name if you ask me! :)
I love it!!!!


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