Monday, October 15, 2007

Deadly Decor

When I was a child, our home had a long, covered entry. It was perfect during Halloween.
It had a lone lantern that I would switch out with a flicker bulb. We would hang endless amounts of fake spiderwebs and scatter spiders all over the walls. Fake body parts peeked out of bushes and fat juicy bats and supersized spiders would fall at intermittent times.
What pulled the look together was a smoke machine and cd playing scary sounds. I especially loved the graveyard sounds and the one where a woman is running & screaming while a werewolf chased after her.
We didn't just leave this decor to be appreciated. My brother and I hid in the bushes and jumped out with a scream to scare trick or treaters. Many a full grown man turned on his heel and skipped out of there. I only felt bad when it was a toddler who was usually so scared they were gasping for air.
I wish I were having a Halloween party this year so I could deck out my backyard and play scary sounds on CD. I'd invite my guests to walk up into our backyard and scare the living daylights out of them.

By the way, these scary decorations are from Don't they remind you of the Haunted Mansion? I love that ride!

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