Monday, October 22, 2007

California Fires

This picture - of a firefighter giving a thumbs up to a water drop - sums up my hope that the California fires will be out soon.

Normally, I talk about happy things on this blog - but since my blog is about the comforts of home, it is closely connected to what's happening right now.

How many people right now are worrying about losing everything?

I often post photos of a cozy chair, a kitchen that inspires a party or dinner, beautiful paintings, festive gardens. I've seen all of these things stolen by these fires.

All day long I've been glued to the tv, watching nonstop coverage of the fires blazing across SoCal.

I was at a couple of them yesterday and I'm still digging the ash and dust out of my nose and ears. I'm lucky - at least I'm not worried about my home.

This is a Reuters photo. Click this line to see more.

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