Tuesday, October 23, 2007

80's Rock

Two bands of the moment totally remind me of my childhood.
Chromeo & New Young Pony Club.
Perhaps Chromeo works the 80's the best with their new wave beats and sounds. It reminds me of my Commodore 64 & Atari video games. My favorite posession as a kid was my Maniac T-shirt. A close second was my Thriller record.
I worshipped girls who said "totally" and "she's like so" and "like." I just looked up and realized I typed "totally" in my first line - see? It's still there!
The legs in Chromeo's cover shot remind me of a combo of ZZTop and A Christmas Story. I couldn't post this without giving serious props to Zapp for that cool digitized voice.
New Young Pony Club's song Ice Cream just melts me. I am absolutely green with envy because I wish I had a fantasic voice, a rocking band and fabulous style. They're kind of like a brunette Blondie.

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