Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Garlic Noodles Galore!

After a marathon shopping day at South Coast Plaza, my mom and I stopped by AnQi for happy hour.  (They call it Red Hour and here's the menu.)  The gourmet Vietnamese-fusion bistro is owned by the An Family, whose most famous spot is Crustacean in Beverly Hills.

So of course I had to order the famous garlic noodles!  I could eat these all day long.  Carbs. Yes.

The beef satay was $6 and juicy.  I wanted another round.

The Crispy Chicken Rice Rolls tasted just like egg rolls to moi.  I do love an egg roll.  $6 an order.

Some concoction...

The view in the powder room.  I didn't even get a pic of the catwalk in the middle of the restaurant!  Check it out here


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