Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miss USA

I had heard such a ruckus about the racy Miss USA photos, which don't seem all that bad compared to these! Ok, this first photo I love. She looks fresh faced and gorgeous. I need her false eyelashes. So who was doing the makeup & jewelry for the rest of the contestants?Shame on whoever is to blame! What a difference styling can make. But wait. I just learned the pageant is in Las Vegas. Starting to get it now.

Good luck ladies. I'll be tuning in to see you gorgeous freaks of nature and waiting with bated breath to see who will be this year's Carrie Prejean.


sisters in black frocks said...

pretty girls, but i'd say a "make-under" is in order!

Maggie ☮ said...

lol...the top 5 was great the ladies did very well!

Lucinda said...

Don't be jealous Suzanne, you know you love the Glamor Shots.


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