Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mad About You

I could watch Mad Men on mute & play some Dean Martin instead & be just as happy, because the show is so visually stunning. The 60's styling of Mad Men is all done by Janie Bryant, including the gorgeous dresses. But Don Draper in his suit... wow. It almost makes you forget he cheats on his wife, bullies Peggy and fired a gay staffer for not putting out with a client.

So now, you too can work a suit like Don - for a price. Tonight is the season finale, and the show has partnered with Brooks Brothers to create a limited edition Mad Men suit. There are only 250 available and they retail for $998. (A bit steep in this economy, and a bit pricey even for Brooks Brothers!)

Made from gray sharkskin fabric, the suit is about the slimmest cut they make, featuring a two-button jacket with narrow lapels, diagonal pockets and side vents.

Apparently these went up for sale a few weeks ago, and today is the last day you can buy one at:


Richard said...

I like the suit, but I wouldn't spend that much on a suit for a Mad Men Label. Brooks actually offers better suits for the same amount of money.

Regardless, I applaud you Suzi for doing a post on men's clothing, and I love the show Mad Men. However, I have missed so many episodes this season that I will have to buy the DVD box set. But, I did see a portion of one show this season, and a poor guy got his foot run over by a lawn mower in the office. I nearly puked when I saw it.....apparently, I have a weak stomach :) Have a great week!

suzannemarques said...

I thought it was overpriced too!

I didn't see that episode but they're all usually pretty good...if a bit depressing to the honest with u

Lucinda said...

I have heard that all of the wardrobe, including the ladies undergarments, are original to the period with very few reproductions. You gotta hand it to the styling indeed.

Oh, and my husband would SHUT IT DOWN in that suit. Bahnanahs. Just sayin.

The Cherry Blog said...

heard all about this but need to check it out. lovin that suit! x

Dave Skates said...

Thanks for this post. I absolutely love this show and it actually makes me want to start wearing suits to work now. As I am a Creative Director but its too warm and sunny here in SoCal for suits! Thanks again! ;-)


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