Monday, April 02, 2007

Hidden litter box

While I'm redesigning my house, I have been perplexed about what to do with my kitties' litter boxes. One lucky homeowner on Oprah had her home redesigned with a built-in kitty box in a cabinet, but it's not the option for me. It's too permanent, and if I sold the house one day, what if those people don't have cats?
I'd love to kick the cats outside, but it isn't an option because we have coyotes & all sorts of wildlife roaming our backyard.

The plant/litter box is a bit funny-looking, but I'm still considering it. If I get them, I just hope the cats don't get confused. I found the cheapest one on Amazon.
If you know any other stylish litter boxes, let me know.


kirstin said...

I have a couple of the Cat's Rule litter boxes in my house that I love. They're so cute!

suzannemarques said...

kirstin, i like the ones with hearts. very cute!


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