Monday, April 19, 2010

Wild Wild West

What do you think of the western trend?Paul & Joe Spring 2010 runway...
Chloe Spring 2010... patchwork denim. hmmChanel Spring 2010... I think this look is more barnyard w/ clogs.... but Lily Allen is jammin in the background!

I think D&G is having the most fun with it. Leather bloomers? Mickey Mouse tee? Scarf around the neck? Yes. Reminds me a bit of being a kid and Knotts Berry Farm. Makes me want to mine for gold. Ahh, the memories.This is a little closer to where I would take the look in real life. I love crisp shirts and skirts. The belt would be great with lots of looks.
Some images from the ad campaign...A cheaper option to dip your toe into western waters? How about The Gap's jean vest over a long flowy dress?I bought the dress this weekend. The leather bloomers will have to wait.

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