Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet Nothings

I had a little Valentine's Day party! Take a peek..
(your surprise is at the end of the post...)

Sammy stopping to smell the roses...For moi?!I see pink elephants...
Christy & Jaden opening their gifts. Always my favorite part!
They baked these sweet treatsGive me a smooch!Hearts on the ceilingMy gift unwrapped!

When I was young, my mother surprised me with treats on Valentine's Day. A bit of chocolate, stuffed animal, candy hearts or stickers. I loved the anticipation of a gift. The surprise! Knowing it would look pretty, taste or smell good. (That's still how I roll.)
So, this Valentine's Day, I learned my favorite 9-year-old Jaden had bought me a Valentine's present with her allowance. That's when a funny thing happened to me. I turned into my mother.
I didn't realize it until I started putting this together. This is just like what my mom used to give me.

And she loved it!
BTW, Jaden bought me the pink elephant, because I simply adore pink pachyderms!
Don't think I forgot your present!
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone xo

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